About Me


My name is Alma Jansen (né Uzusiene). I’m certified Mastery in Life and Business Coach (ICF), creative entrepreneur, lecturer, business and SQ mentor, author of a philosophical story for young adults. In the past I’ve been a lawyer, long-term entrepreneur, and professional chess player. My biggest passion in life is the synergy between business, creativity and spirituality.

Education and professional path

My education, like my further professional path, developed dynamically, covering different professional fields and areas of interest.

At school, I was in a class that focused on the humanities, and wrote short stories and poetry. At the same time, from the age of six until late adolescence, I played chess professionally, developing my logical thinking skills and improving my playing acumen.

After graduating from high school, I studied business law and earned a degree as a junior jurist consultant.

After my studies, I spent nearly a decade working for the family business, where I had a chance to apply the knowledge I had acquired in practice while also learning entrepreneurship and acquiring new competences and skills.

In the next stage of my career, I started my own business that spanned the spheres of mass media, publishing and e-commerce. I successfully developed this business for more than 12 years before going on to sell it.

roger hamiltonIn 2019, I started sharing my experience with other businesspeople by conducting copyrighted training sessions and mentoring and consulting budding entrepreneurs.

My decision to transition from being a business owner to a role as a consultant, speaker and mentor was greatly influenced by visionary, entrepreneur and speaker Roger Hamilton back in 2015.

At that same time, I had taken an interest in coaching as a specialty, which later led me to become a certified life and business coaching specialist and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

My path as a coaching specialist

Most coaching specialists choose a niche and work with targeted clients on issues in a specific area of life or work. My niche is coaching influencers, creative professionals, and current and up-and-coming celebrities. I help creative people strengthen their personal potential and realize it effectively. In other words, I help the successful to become even more successful.

Working with creative people brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy because it fully corresponds to my values, aspirations for self-realization, and philosophy of life.

Life philosophy

My personal philosophy of life is very close to Stoicism, which first and foremost encourages having a philosophy rather than just going with the flow in automatic thinking mode. Every conscious person should aspire to know themselves, strengthen their personal potential, realize their talents, constantly ask themselves important questions, and look for answers to those questions that encourage improvement. Practicing coaching – whether it is self-coaching or working with a coaching specialist – works wonders in this process. Realizing our internal and external goals gives us a sense of fulfillment, peace and inner satisfaction. Life take on meaning and deep joy – we become conscious creators responsible for our internal states and external outcomes.

life coach alma jansenAuthor of the SQ-based personal branding program

Spiritual intelligence is the most important part of personal branding. It strengthens our inner power, and everyone—ourselves included—can sense it.

You can copy other people’s style, structure, and ideas, but you can’t copy the energy that flows from an authentic person.

Author on her life

My path of spirituality and consciousness led me to the understanding that causality is within me. Everything that surrounds me is created by me, from deep within my subconscious mind.

To change the events and circumstances of my life, I first have to find the reason why I wanted to have what I have in the present moment—what kind of subconscious thoughts and beliefs created my current reality, and will create my future.

Now, I’m helping other people to find the causes of their current circumstances and  achieve the things they want to achieve.