About Alma Jansen

Author of the book:

The author has dedicated more than a year to the writing of her life-based experiences in words on the paper, i.e. the writing of a book of fantasy and existential philosophy genres for young adults.

“I am closely watching the life,”these are the first words of the author being asked about the sources of her narratives that transform, extend the consciousness.

Currently, the author lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and is engaged in writing in her mother tongue.

The author on the SQ-based personal branding program:

Spiritual intelligence is the most important part of personal branding. It strengthens our inner power, and everyone—ourselves included—can sense it.

You can copy other people’s style, structure, and ideas, but you can’t copy the energy that flows from an authentic person.

“I wish everyone could discover their inner power and uniqueness”—the author says—“because there is no greater happiness in the world than being yourself.”

The author on her life:

My path of spirituality and consciousness led me to the understanding that causality is within me. Everything that surrounds me is created by me, from deep within my subconscious mind.

To change the events and circumstances of my life, I first have to find the reason why I wanted to have what I have in the present moment—what kind of subconscious thoughts and beliefs created my current reality, and will create my future.

Now, I’m helping other people to find the causes of their current circumstances and the states of spirit and mind that affected them. Together, we can transform these factors so that they change things for the better, and help people to achieve the things they want to achieve.