About the book


It is a transformative, mind-expanding work of fiction for teenagers and self-conscious adults about the acquaintance between a human and a thought, inviting readers to rise to the observer’s level.
In this adventure-filled story, the metaphorical narrative presents various mental and mindfulness exercises, intertwined with existential philosophy revealing a different version of the Universe.
Everyday life situations are interestingly intertwined with metaphysics, quantum physics, the materialization of thoughts, and young people’s search for their life calling.
Genre: fantasy, existential philosophy.
Mission of the book: to help young adults broaden their imagination, encourage them to focus on their inner world, and reveal the connection of processes taking place in the human brain and the outside world.

Beta-readers reviews

Even though the book is intended for young adults, nevertheless, adults also read this book as a philosophical tale with great pleasure. Here are several reviews from the beta readers of different age groups:
“A wonderful piece of fiction about the power of a thought and miracles that happen because of it.” – Kristin, 19 years.
“This is an inspiring and healing book. It has an encoded magic inside.” – Maya, 36 years.
“A clear understanding of how to find one’s own calling was one of the most valuable things that I took from that book.” – Lukas, 17 years.
“When I started reading the book I thought I entered a fairy-tale. Only later I realized that I occurred inside myself. I am grateful for this journey.” – Aleksandra, 16 years.
“I do not understand how I would not earlier notice the things which are most clearly seen now, after finishing reading this book.” – Justin, 15 years.
“The book presents a different version of the Universe. It remains intriguing until the very last moment of the reading.” – Joana, 28 years.

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