Business coaching

Business coaching is for individuals who are employed in the business sector or who have or want to start their own business, and involves developing business skills and leadership qualities.

“Entrepreneurship is rewarding ordinary people for making an extraordinary impact on the world.” – Bear Kittay

Coaching sessions helps you:

refine a business idea;
develop entrepreneurial skills;
strengthen leadership qualities;
determine the direction of activity;
stabilize operational processes;
create a business strategy;
define the desired results.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching differs from business consulting and mentoring because it doesn’t involve transferring a business consultant’s knowledge and information to the client. During a  coaching session, entrepreneurs answer questions about what kind of business they want to run, and what kind of activities they like and consider meaningful, profitable, and in line with their personal and professional needs. Business coaching is worthwhile if you are looking to refine a business idea or determine the direction of activity in the short- and long-term perspective. Questions that help answer these questions make it possible not only to create a business strategy, but also to clearly define the outcome that you want to achieve. Business coaching can also help stabilize operational processes, get an external perspective, critically consider the decisions being made, and self-assess whether things are moving in the direction that you want them to.

Who needs business coaching?

Business sessions are popular among business executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and people who are working at companies and are looking to accelerate or improve business growth as well as how they personally feel participating in business. People who are building a business or working at companies face numerous challenges and situations every day that need to be properly managed. A person involved in business has many responsibilities, and executing them requires making the right decisions. Business-oriented coaching helps you act dynamically, notice and correct mistakes, respond to changes, develop creativity and expand your approach to business processes, and grow both personally and together with your team.

Business coaching is like a meeting and an open consultation with yourself, with a coach observing the process and asking relevant questions. The coaching sessions give you a chance to strengthen your leadership qualities, develop entrepreneurial skills and resistance to challenges and stressful situations, and find inner peace.

Coaching sessions help you:

set a business vision and goals;
analyze ongoing activities;
create and manage projects;
improve your relationship with the business environment;
define and measure results;
develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

The topics covered most often during coaching sessions

Business start-up
Business development
Managing business challenges
Looking for business opportunities
Fostering authenticity in business
Work-life balance
Formation and implementation of operational goals

business coaching