We all have our own truth and live according to our own perception. The key question is, are we happy in our truth? Is our consciousness in a constant state of happiness?

Why are some people constantly looking for new knowledge, investing in personal growth, improving their body and taking care of their health, while others have a strong opinion of how to live and ignore anyone’s advice or insights? Because we all have our own worldview and our own truth.

If our truth makes us happy, and we really feel that way all the time, then maybe it’s not worth learning from other people’s experiences. Rather, maybe it is us who should be sharing with others our tried and tested ways for finding inner harmony, spiritual comfort, and balance of body, mind and soul.

But if our truth doesn’t make us happy, we must look for new knowledge until it does. This is called personal growth, spiritual development and awareness. Self-development includes the spiritual, psychological and physical human characteristics that are an integral part of our “I”.

Where does the path of self-development start from? The number of classes and seminars for personal growth that are available is high indeed. There are various techniques for expanding attitudes by pulling the consciousness out of the core of the matrix and seeing the bigger picture, where we gain far more opportunities to become the creators of our lives. Some people may like motivational training, where the lecturer has a talent for presenting information in such a way that the person is inspired and wants to change. Others adore transformational practices, where they dive deep into themselves and independently, taking responsibility, look for blocks that hinder happiness, shadows of hurt or fears.

When deciding on classes and seminars, look for the ones that resonate with you the most. This means that something vibrates in your soul when you read or hear the words – you feel that you agree with that truth and want it to become part of your truth because you believe it will make you happier.

The entire world and the lives of each and every one of us are governed by beliefs. The environment around us reflects exactly what we believe. And if the truth we believe in doesn’t make us happy, if life seems gloomy and wrong, then sometimes the only way to rediscover the joy of living is to let other people convince us that life is wonderful, and then we have our own truth to testify that it is.


With love,
Alma Jansen