Every personal brand faces a host of social fears, the spectrum of which is as wide as our innumerable thoughts. Sometimes there is a fear of taking action and making decisions that will throw us into lower, even more destructive levels of consciousness where guilt and shame will be felt. Fear stunts personality growth and eventually stops it completely.

It is equally important to understand that fear as a state of consciousness and fear as a fleeting emotion are two different things. Even babies feel fear as a survival instinct, so fear is not always just detrimental. If we’re afraid of being late or ill-prepared for an important business meeting, and as a result – not being able to communicate our business proposal properly, that doesn’t mean that we’re functioning at the level of consciousness of fear. That means that we have a sense of responsibility and are experiencing a short-lived emotion of fear of the consequences of our actions or incapacity. On the road to personal brand development, fear is detrimental when it becomes a constant, dominant mental state that impacts your self-realization, creative potential, authenticity and personal power.

Fear is the personal power killer

People who function in a state of consciousness of fear cannot become strong, self-confident leaders because the world intimidates them and causes them to constantly worry and fight it.

A personal brand can have fantastic potential and talents, and be diligent and responsible, while simultaneously functioning in a constant state of consciousness that will prevent it from enjoying its self-realization. People can be afraid of all sorts of things: that they’ll never be recognized in their activities, no matter how hard they try; that they’ll never become financially successful; that they’ll never become sufficiently talented and skilled professionals; that all of their projects will fail, and so on.

It is precisely the potential threats stemming from the state of consciousness of fear that force some personal brands to move forward. Fear is a destructive engine of activity.

Eliminate the fear that stops your personal growth

True leaders act through their strengths, which include our authenticity, talents and personal power. Strengths and opportunities (SWOT analysis) are a constructive engine that forces a person to act, create and grow as a personal brand.

Everyone can choose to develop a personal brand because they fear potential threats and consequences, or to act from a position of personal power because they want to share internal resources.

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