Mentoring is a process where the mentor walks side by side with the client (the mentee), supporting and listening to him or her, and sharing his or her own experience and expert knowledge in order to provide comprehensive assistance in the mentee’s activities. This creates a close connection that yields positive results for both parties.

I am a mentor who is more concerned not with sharing my experience and providing inspiration, but with listening to and understanding my mentee. I am always ready to listen openly and delve into the mentee’s experience. In my mentoring practice, I follow the principles of mutual respect and open cooperation.


Areas of mentoring

I provide mentoring services in the areas of e-commerce, starting and developing a business, business idea analysis, digital marketing, establishing start-ups, and public relations.

Purpose of mentoring

Over the course of my career, I have had a number of professional and personal challenges that have given me useful insights and lessons, which I am happy to share with my mentee if there is a need for it.

Mentoring not only helps to convey the business knowledge that is needed – it also motivates the mentee to reach higher, regardless of the field.

Mentoring sessions often help the mentee break through stagnation and look for the right ways to start acting. Sometimes all it takes is a little incentive and outside help today – support in taking the first steps – for great things to happen tomorrow.