Personal responsibility can be developed through the concept of personal growth known as “The Cause Within Me”. According to this concept, we are the ones who cause everything that happens in our life. Objective reality stems not from external circumstances beyond our control, but from our deep desires that we often don’t perceive. So if there is something we don’t like in our life and environment, we need to take the position of observer. And look for the cause within ourselves. We need to dig to the core of our personality in order to know our true selves. As a result, to identify our true desires, aspirations and goals. This is how we’ll understand what subconscious desires of the past led us to create what we have today. Likewise, by responsibly managing the states of the present, we’ll be able to create the future we want.

Players of life

What opportunities are we, as a personal brand, given by understanding the cause within us and taking personal responsibility? We are given the opportunity to stop being a victim. We can become a player in life by understanding and responsibly accepting the rules of the game. In this way, we can refine the vision of our personal brand as well as the direction of our professional activities and self-realization.

The cause within ourselves

It’s easy for us to acknowledge the cause within ourselves when good things are happening in our life and career. When we are accompanied by success and recognition. Then we have no problem taking credit and attributing the laurels to our personality. However, when we are faced with fears and other destructive things, when our professional activities encounter setbacks. Disappointment accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt, it’s extremely difficult for us to admit that we ourselves are the cause of these inopportune events. We do whatever we can to shirk responsibility for all of the negative events, often blaming the circumstances and other people.

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