Authenticity coaching session

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Authenticity coaching session


Authenticity coaching sessions are for working with individuals, helping them resolve personal issues on topics that are relevant to them.

Length: 60 minutes
Venue: Zoom
Coach: A personal growth and business coaching specialist Alma Jansen – member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Specializes in coaching creators: influencers, artists, entrepreneurs.
Session time: Agreed by e-mail:

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Revealing your authenticity in your creative work and personal and professional life imparts a state of fulfilment, also called happiness and then happiness is followed by success as a consequence of the position of authenticity.

Authenticity Coaching helps you:

deepen your self-knowledge;
reveal your authenticity;
use your internal resources;
unleash your uniqueness;
mobilize your internal potential;
recognize your vulnerability;
refine your talents and endowments;
pinpoint the reasons behind your fear of publicity;
get to know your inner values and motives;
analyze the connections between self-worth and self-expression.

Authenticity coaching session

A coaching session is a one-on-one process of interaction between two individuals that is based on respect, trust and confidentiality, building a mutual connection, and a conscious assumption of responsibility, which promotes personal growth and creation of the desired result. During the session, a dialogue takes place between the coach and the client as a confidential conversation on the topic “brought in” by the client. It can be a one-off event or an ongoing process that lasts several months, a year, or even longer.

How the authenticity coaching session works

The coach uses various models and methodologies and asks targeted questions in order to help the client pinpoint the issue at hand, provide clarity, and identify goals, implementation options and time frames. The life coaching session involves clarifying the client’s needs, identifying internal or external conflicts, analyzing problems and looking for solutions.

The outcome of the authenticity coaching session

The outcome of the coaching session comes through a broader understanding of the situation and your own personality, finding direction, growing mindfulness, and identifying behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs. The transformation occurs when the client takes responsibility for the results of the desired change.

As clients make new sense of themselves and the world, their capabilities, goals and motives change. The internal changes lead to a sense of well-being that depends not on external events, but on how they are interpreted. As your thinking changes, so does your inner state and actions, offering new perspectives and solutions.

Success factors for an authenticity coaching session

The client’s:

openness and trust in the coach.
sincere desire to improve and grow.
willingness to take responsibility for the issues that need to be resolved.

The coach’s:

ability to listen and hear the client.
competency to ask the right questions.
commitment to accompany the client on the journey of growth.

Privacy and confidentiality

During life coaching sessions, the coach is committed to maintaining confidentiality and adheres to the rules and ethical norms defined by the ICF.

Coaching session topics

Authenticity coaching can be used to address a wide range of issues that the client is dealing with.

The most frequently covered topics during creativity coaching sessions include:

authenticity; talents; strong points; shortcomings; needs; desires; motives; values; the true self; inner freedom; self-worth.

Read more about individual coaching sessions in the Life Coaching section.

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Coaching testimonials

Idalija, life coaching client

I got more than I expected. I really didn’t think that a question that had been bothering me for a long time could be answered in one session.

Monika, business coaching client

I’m very happy with the coaching session. It helped me clarify and compartmentalize my thoughts. This made it easy for me to lay out the tasks to achieve the goal.

Loreta, business coaching client

During the conversation, we quickly came to a solution for the issue at hand, and the sequence of actions needed to implement it became clear.

Kristina, life coaching client

It was very easy to communicate because I felt calm and safe during the conversation.

Renata, business coaching client

It was very easy to communicate because she knows how to listen. By asking the right questions, I began to understand my goals and how to clarify them. The coach is a very kind and warm person.

Rolanda, life coaching client

Thank you for listening so sincerely and asking the questions you did. Those questions helped me take a broader look at my daily routine, see many more career opportunities, and remember my dream of a perfect day. This session stirred up my stagnant thoughts and added a lot to my list of desires and ideas.

Karolina, life coaching client

I’m very grateful for an excellent coaching session that helped me look for answers to important questions. The conversation inspired me to continue to pursue my goals. I felt great the entire time.

Sigita, business coaching client

The coaching session went smoothly and the process was explained clearly. The topic I proposed was reflected well, after hearing me out and responding. The topic was examined thoroughly, and the answers I needed were found. I was able to fully trust the coach and open up to her.