Spiritual comfort in self-realization. What does this mean?

You’d think that you live for yourself, have enough to eat, have enough to wear, are loved, and that’s enough. But why do so many people feel an inner emptiness even when they have a high-paying job? Or hear a whispering or sometimes screaming voice begging for help? What is hiding deep down inside us? What is that mysterious voice that keeps us awake at night?

We are not only physical creatures

If we think that we are only physical creatures, we’ll never figure out the answer to these questions. However, if we grasp that we are spiritual creatures, we will immediately realize that this is our inner being – our soul, or spirit. So why won’t this being leave us alone? Why does it suck out our positive emotions and the joy of life like a vacuum?

Because when we don’t do what we are here for, the soul experiences discomfort. And tries in every way possible to get the message to us. Just like our bodies seek physical comfort – a full, safe, warm, materially abundant life – our souls seek spiritual comfort. As an intangible part of our being, the soul yearns to ensure that the divine purposes of the universe that it is here for are fulfilled.

Spiritual comfort first

The biggest cause of unhappiness is that people try to achieve physical comfort first. When they get all of the material things that they want, they suddenly realize that it didn’t make them happy. Confused, it takes them a long time to grasp that they need something more than wealth to be happy. This acts as a wake-up call, after which they begin to look for spiritual comfort.

The bad thing is that people are often left disenchanted with the material world. So they go to the other extreme, plunging into the spiritual world and renouncing material pleasures. This is a mistake, because in this world, we have to stand firmly on two feet – the spiritual and the material. So that we can fully enjoy life and take in everything that the universe has to offer.

Why should you first pursue spiritual comfort, and not the other way around? Because when we achieve physical comfort, reach the peak of our career or make our material dreams come true, we cannot enjoy it without spiritual comfort. Goals that took a long time to achieve suddenly no longer make us happy. We experience a sense of emptiness and life loses meaning.

Soul is leading us to our path

However, when we experience spiritual comfort, when the soul is content in leading us on our path. We can go on from there to pursue any material goal, enjoying the job we have chosen and most importantly – making a lot of money. We are capable of experiencing fullness, because being conscious, we know the reason why we do one thing or another.

In this conscious state, earthly riches do not interfere with feeling spiritual and happy, and we no longer want to subconsciously get rid of them to feel a sense of lightness. By using spiritual comfort as a starting point, we can sincerely enjoy all material things without any remorse.

Follow your vocation

Although vocation is associated with work or worldly activities, you’d be surprised at how closely it is related to partnership or family relations. A person who has not fulfilled the goals of his soul places increased demands and expectations on his partner or family members, believing that it is these people who must make him happy. He doesn’t attribute the inner dissatisfaction he feels to himself or to his lack of self-realization and spiritual comfort. Rather, he thinks he feels bad because he is surrounded by imperfect people who are doing something wrong and preventing him from being happy.

Examining situations like this almost always leads to the conclusion that the cause of unhappiness is not the environment surrounding the person, but the person’s unrealized inner potential. No matter how hard a person tries to find happiness on the outside, he ultimately realizes that no one is capable of making him happy. That’s something only he can do.

With love,
Alma Jansen